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Los Angeles, California October 2-4, 2017

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Government Entities


Our conferencewelcomes US based government entities as well as international Ministers of Health, Tourism and Economic Development from all countries that are looking to create more economically viable healthcare solutions from their communities and wish to discuss common challenges and best practices in the global healthcare environment.

  • Understand how to develop and successfully manage a global benefits program
  • Position your city, state or country as a top leader in the global benefits industry by developing a feasibility study and a global benefits plan for your city/region/country
  • Collaborate with other Government officials and learn best practices from other regions and countries who are on the cutting edge of global benefits through collaboration of best practices
  • Grow global benefits & healthcare investment and development in your country by connecting with investors
  • Learn how global benefits improves the quality of life for your local population
  • Discover the importance of training that your country, region, state or city needs to become leader in the industry
  • Gain insight about cutting edge research and statistics on global benefits